Beautiful hearts, brilliant minds

well beyond empathy

I believe those with beautiful hearts, and brilliant minds are some of the most vulnerable people on the earth.  Life touches them deeply, and goes well beyond empathy.

The pain in life that is inherent due to the fallen nature of this world is something they struggle with far more than the general population.  Why?  Because they feel the pain of not only themselves and their own lives, but the pain of others and it’s deep, down to their very soul.

It’s no wonder they seek to anesthetize and numb the pain.

Where do they go and who do they ask to learn how to navigate this with no anesthesia, with no numbing agent?

Those who’ve walked the same path, and are a few steps further along.  They too feel the pain, down to the depth of their soul and have found a path to wholeness, to inner peace.

Those who in the midst of crushing pain, stand up and take one more step.

Those who have the weight of the world pressing in on every side, and they take another breath.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Take one more breath, take one more step, live one more day.  You’ve got this.

You are loved.



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