Bury the Hatchet or it’s going to rust.

via Daily Prompt: Bury

Sometimes when we’ve got our hatchet out, the reasons are legit and we need it.  We’ve got work to do, and the hatchet is the only way to get the job done.  When the job is done and we don’t need that hatchet any longer, sometimes we hold on to it just in case.  The problem is we get used to the hatchet and it becomes comfortable to carry it around.  So we carry it around…. everywhere.  After a while it starts feeling heavy and it’s tiresome, but now it’s become such a comfort how could we ever let it go?

Then one day, quite by accident we leave it in a coffee shop and go about our day.  On our way home we realize the hatchet is missing.  WHAT?!  How did this happen?  We race back to the coffee shop to grab that hatchet so fast our head spins.  NO one else can have that hatchet, it belongs to us.  As we pick it up, we realize this blasted hatchet really is heavy, but we persevere and take it back home with us.  It’s ours after all.

We get up the next morning and realize what a splendid day we had yesterday.  It really was nice to get some shopping done, eat lunch with friends, and simply enjoy the day without the hatchet.  We know that the work was done a very long time ago, and the hatchet served it’s purpose.  As we look at our hatchet, we realize what must be done.  We open our back door, dig a 6 foot deep hole and drop our hatchet into that hole.  We cover it with dirt and go about our day feeling lighter and happier.  That night as we lay our head down to sleep, we feel peaceful and we are glad that hatchet is gone.

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